West Hancock Board of Education
Community Resource

“West Hancock CSD, in partnership with parents/guardians and community, will provide a safe, positive, and supportive environment for all students. By offering a variety of challenging opportunities, we seek to produce responsible, productive citizens and encourage life-long learning.”

Director Districts: The West Hancock School Board consists of seven members. Five of the members are elected to serve one of five geographic areas (director districts) within the school district. Individuals serving as director district must reside in that director district. Two of the members are elected “at-large” and may reside anywhere within the school district. Click the following link to see director district map.

Name Years on Board Term Expiration Director District
Mr. Jay Burgardt, 28 2025 3
Ms. Jennifer Bixel 3 2027 At-large

Ms. Angie Johnson, President

7 2025 1
Mr. Kevin Wilson, Vice-President 3 2027 4
Connie Swanson 1 2027 5
Mr. Jon Harle 8 2025 At-large
Jeremy Purvis 1 2027 2
Ms. Beth DeGroote, Board Secretary