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19-20 Registration- If you are new to the district please come to one of the school buildings anytime to begin the process. If you are not new to the district please use JMC to register. If you do not remember your log in please call one of the buildings to retrieve that information. If you do not have access to a computer or just don’t understand the process come to the school on August 6th or 7th and we will help register online. If you have any issues with JMC errors or the payment portion you might want to try a browser other than Explorer and make sure your popup blocker is off. If you are getting a “Runtime Error” then close out of your browser completely and open it again. Then try the parent access again.

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“The West Hancock Community Schools believe students are unique individuals and, in partnership with parents/guardians and community, will provide a positive, supportive environment, offering a variety of challenging educational opportunities that will seek to produce responsible and productive citizens in an ever-changing world and to encourage life-long learning.”

“Empowering all students to thrive in an ever-changing world”

Meet Our Mascot

Hey, I’m the W.H. mascot. I enjoy:

  • Hanging out with my flock, making special appearances at W.H. events, and people watching with my eagles eyes.
  • I’m always up for adventure and challenge.
  • My favorite colors are Red & White….Go Eagles Fight!

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420 9th Ave. SW
Britt, Iowa, 50423
Principal: Dan Peterson
Phone: 641-843-3863
Fax: 641-843-4717



423 East 5th St.
Kanawha, Iowa, 50447
Principal: Ruth Verbrugge
Phone: 641-762-3261
Fax: 641-843-4717



510 9th Ave. SW
Britt, Iowa, 50423
Principal: Michelle DeHart
Phone: 641-843-3833
Fax: 641-843-4717